Home Decor

I absolutely LOVE to decorate!  My husband jokes that it’s impossible for me not to paint an apartment, and he’s really not exaggerating.  Anywhere I live (or work) I just HAVE to customize!  I can’t go buy a furniture “set,” each piece must be hand selected.  I collect things with a curatorial (I don’t want to be on “Hoarders”) approach, adding this and that for more texture, balance of color, size, shape, pattern… anything to improve the existing arrangement. Some of my favorite places to shop for Home Decor are: gilt.com, onekingslane.com, jossandmain.com, Marshall’s Home Goods, art.com, Ikea, Target, West Elm, Z Gallerie, and High Fashion Home. Here are some photos of my apartment… you can tell I love COLOR! To see more DECOR related posts, select the “HOME DECOR” tag on the right hand side of my home page.IMG_6436 IMG_6435 IMG_6434 IMG_6433 Here are some of my favorite inspiration rooms:

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