My husband and I love to EAT!  We are always trying out new recipes at home or going out to local eateries we’ve heard about.

Out a Sambuca, a local jazz cafe in Houston.


Our famous Bleu Cheese stuffed Cayenne Candied Bacon and Mushroom Burger. (Oh yeah, whip that one out at this year’s 4th of July picnic and you’ll be everyone’s hero!)


On vacation in Jamaica, a beach vendor made this Jerk Chicken on a grill he wheeled up and down the  beach.  So amazing, we’ve been trying to replicate the recipe ever since!


On this page I’ll post new favorite recipes and restaurants to try around the Houston area.  I hope you’ll find some new favorites here as well!  To see more FOODIE related posts, select the “FOODIE” tag on the right hand side of my home page.

Some of Sara’s Houston favorites:

Backstreet cafe

Empire cafe

Hobbit Cafe

Brasserie Max and Julie


Liberty Kitchen and Oysterette

RDG + Bar Annie

Crawfish and Noodles

Coco’s Crepes

Bistro Alex

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