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Hi! My name is Sara and I am 30.  I live and work in Houston with my husband of seven years, Jimmy, and our two fur babies Audrey and Hercules.  I am a bit of a fashion addict (just a lil bit), and enjoy nothing more than a well styled ensemble. I also believe there is no reason to give up on fashion once you’re into your 30’s! My style icons are Rachel Zoe, Isabel Marant, and Aimee Song. I would describe my style as eclectic… I can be bohemian, glamorous, straight-laced, edgy… all of the above!

But, alas, I have had to find a way to be fashionable and not break the bank.  I hope that this blog will inspire women to dress/live stylish and chic (with some money left over in their pocket).  I love mixing high end designs with great finds from Target, outlets, and inexpensive fashion-forward stores like H&M, Mango, ASOS, Top Shop, and Zara.  I hope you enjoy and make some great discoveries along the way!

My husband and I are huge foodies, so we love to try out all of the amazing restaurants this city has to offer.  Just as much as going out to an amazing dinner, we love to cook for our friends and family.  We are always perfecting new recipes and trying them out on anyone who will join us for dinner! We also love to travel, and are forever planning our next vacation.


I am also a huge art fanatic and love to hit up the museums when they have special exhibitions with my gal pals.  We always find a way to make a day of museum hopping, brunch/lunch, and shopping! Design is also one of my passions, and believe me, it is NOT easy to decorate a home while pinching pennies.  We were able to make it happen by doing a ton of research (and legwork) and putting in a little elbow grease.



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  1. Fabulous About page! And Thanks so much for following – I hope I can help with the penny pinching decor ideas. I do like to do things on the inexpensive side! (I’d say cheap but I’m trying to sound classy, lol!)

    • LOL, I loved your blog! When we were decorating I was always looking for a DIY solution 🙂 I am about to tackle upholstering an ikea headboard as soon as I have a free weekend!

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