Catching up and Spring 16 Beauty!

Spring 16 Beauty Picks


So sorry for the LOOONG silence! For those of you who do not know, I started a new job back in July (cosmetics department manager for Saks). We have been SO insanely busy beginning with the normal Q4 retail insanity, then moving in to 2016 with all of the craziness involved in opening a BRAND NEW Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store here in Houston… I have had NO time to focus on blogging! I am making a concentrated effort to get back in the game, because, honestly I miss the blogging community and I miss writing and researching!

Since I have been completely immersed in the luxury beauty world for the past 9 months, I felt that leading off 2016 with my top Spring Beauty picks would be fitting. Firstly, I am an admitted beauty junkie. Even being a veteran in the industry, I still get excited each season to play with and try out all of the newness in skincare, color, and fragrance.

I will start from the left… Who doesn’t love Tom Ford??? It’s hard not to, really. And his newest scent Soleil Blanc has quickly become one of my go-to. It instantly transports you to a beautiful villa on the coast (of any uber exclusive and fabulous island, take your pick!)… seriously, give it a try. It makes you feel like summer and vacation. This version has a softer scent plus the hydration of a body with an extra kick of golden shimmer. Sold.

This next one was revolutionary for me… a powder tinted moisturizer (because I LOVE my tm, it’s my daily go-to…) ??? No way. Even our Bobbi Brown executive explained that she had thought that it was just a regular powder to set foundation when she first saw it, but no… it is intended to be able to be worn alone! It’s soft and dewey, with light coverage and super easy application. Absolutely perfect for the upcoming Houston heat.

This next palette really needs no intro… It’s fabulous. The 10 colors are perfect for summer, it’s travel friendly, and its got the amazing By Terry lip formula behind it. Done and done.

I’m a bit obsessed with this next one. First, Estee Lauder has really come up in the world. Has anyone noticed? They are elevating everything about their brand, and I have a renewed interest in everything they are bringing out! This mask instantly caught my attention. Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Revitalizing Mask Noir… so yes, the mask is pitch black (kinda cool, right?!?). The brush comes with it, and is designed to be used prior to masking to exfoliate off all of the dull/dry surface skin. It feels AMAZING! The mask is applied after and left on for 5 minutes before massaging in and rinsing off. It will leave your skin SO soft, glowing, and completely revitalized. LOVE.

Smith and Cult will be making it’s way to the Houston luxury scene in just a few weeks (I can’t wait!). I’m dying to deck out my bathroom with the sculptural bottles in of-the-moment colors and cheeky names like Shattered Souls and Vegas Post-Apocalyptic. Plus its free from scary ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl. Right up my alley!

This Chanel lip color is everything. Perfectly pink, long wearing, and well… it’s Chanel. No brainer, right?

Last, but not least, is this Chanel Soleil Tan cream/gel bronzer. If you’ve seen anything on beauty trends lately, then you know… contouring is OUT, and strobing is IN. (All this means is strategic highlighting.) As a beauty insider, I could not be more excited to see heavy contouring go out the window… now if people could just lay off the crazy brows! ANYWAY. This bronzer is light enough for even me (I’m almost translucent at this point in the year, time to bust out the self-tanner!) to mix with my tinted moisturizer or layer on over the high points (think top of cheek bones/orbital bone, bridge of the nose, bow of the lip, and jawline) of the face to give a beautiful sun kissed glow. Pair with a Matte blush for the best combo, and make sure to touch a loose powder in the T-zone if you are prone to oiliness.

So, there you have it! Spring 16 must-have beauty items. I’m so happy to be back 🙂 Stay tuned! XO

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